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Be your own Girl Boss

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Things you should know

Your Own Business

As an independent distributor, you are your own boss. You decide the hours, how much you make and how much work you put into it. Although I do suggest that you have at least 4 hours a week to allocate to your business.

Support, Training and Opportunities

It can be exciting and scary starting your own business. To help the transition, you will receive support from myself and the team as well as training created by our Head Office. These modules will not only help with your business but your own personal development too.

You decide what you earn

I am not going to guarantee how much you will earn, that figure is up to you. Some people join as they love that they can work towards free products, others like some extra pocket money each month and others want to make it their main income. What ever you decide, I will support you in working towards your goal.


Other benefits to joining

Build your Confidence

No matter your level of confidence, there will be opportunities to push this and challenge yourself. 

Low in confidence? The company is all about helping you grow as a person first, then sales second. 


You may be surprised to hear this, but SheerSense is about a sisterhood and beautiful friendships can blossom as well as your business.


There is opportunities galore at Sheersense, from Holidays to win, attending Tony Robins, UPW and even going for your makeup Artistry Qualifications

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Potential Earnings

Starter Kits

You can start your business for as little as £35.

It's not impossible to start your business without any products, it's been done and others will do it too, you just need to work a little harder and think outside the box. 

To make it easier, we do have two starter kit's available, to give you the best start in the business and wow your new customers.  

Free Sign Up in January 

Licence to Sell

FREE Sign up in January

This  option give you a licence to distributeproducts within the United Kingdom. You do not receive any products, but you can purchase anything after 8days of joining (EU Regulations)

You will also recieve a

  • Free Online Shop Website

  • up to 40% off of Products 

  • Support, Training  and Marketing Material

  • Beauty Book

  • Start up Pack

Bridal Makeup

Good to Know

 There is no cancellation fees with Sheersense and no minimum monthly sales targets. 

Your sellers licence lasts for 6 months, to keep it going, all you need to do is place a 100pv order, ever 6 months.. thats about £200 retails. 


Silver Starter


As well as an GORGEOUS  Starter Kit, you will receive

a licence to distribute products within the United Kingdom.

You will  receive everything with the Licence to Sell option, along with 

  • 3 x LipSense Colours

  • 1 x Glossy Gloss

  • 1x Ooops! Remover

  • 1x Foops! Wipe

  • 2x CCTM Strip Samples

  • 1x Black VOlume Intense Mascara

  • 1x Lipbalm/ LipSmooth Sample

  • 1x Variety Gloss Sample

  • Mascara Applicators

  • LipSense Applicators

  • How to build your business Info

  • 5 Beauty Books

  • Personalised Makeup Bag

Going for Gold


As well as an AMAZING Starter Kit, you will receive all aspects of 'a licence to sell' allowing you to distribute products within the United Kingdom.

Kit includes

  • 3 x LipSense Colours

  • 3x Shadow Sense Colours

  • 1 x Glossy Gloss

  • 1 x Variety Gloss

  • 1x Ooops Remover

  • 1x Black Volume Intense Mascara

  • 1x Light CCTM Tester

  • 1x Medium CCT Testter

  • 1x Strip Matte Gloss

  • 1x Strip of Glossy Gloss

  • 2x CCTM Strip Samples

  • 1x Climate Control Strip Sample

  • 1x Variety Gloss Sample

  • Mascara Applicators

  • lipSense Applicators

  • Mascara Applicator

  • Beauty Books

  • Mirror


Still Undecided?

It can be a huge decision starting your own business, I totally understand… it took me a while to go for it. Let's have a chat and I will answer any concerns or questions you have about joining the SheerSense Family.

Let's Chat

Girl Boss, Here I come!

If you know that you would love to be part of SheerSense and start your journey, you can sign up here. 

Once you're signed up, we will work out your goals and show you the tools for reaching them. 

I'm so excited to welcome you as a SheerSister.. Let's go girl..