LipSense Starter Kit

What you need to start off your LipSense Collection

when starting out with LipSense, you will need a LipSense Starter Kit. 

Once you have a kit, you can buy additional colours.

You do not need to buy the the kit each time

Each Kit contains, a LipSense Colour, A Gloss and a Ooops Remover

IMG_7025 (1).JPEG
3. Oops Remover 

For those Ooops moments when applying LipSense. 

LipSense is designed to not come off easily, but even the experts can make a mistake at times. 

Ooops remover, is designed to gently break down the colour without damanging your lips. 

Ooops Remover, can also be used at the end of the day to gently remove your Lipsense colour. 

1. LipSense Colour 

You choose the colour(s) you like.

With over 120 colours to choose from, you can purchase as many colours as you wish in your starter kit.

LipSense will last between 4 - 18 hours, allowing you to get on with your day to day and not worry about your lipstick. 

Not sure what colour to pick? Book in for a FREE 1-2-1 virtual makeover and we can see what colours suits you best. 


2. Gloss

This locks in the long lasting colour

The long lasting magic happens, when the Gloss is applied after the three thin layers of LipSense.

LipSense will not work without a LipSense Gloss. 

When starting off, I recommend Glossy Gloss, as this is the most hydrating. 

However, we do have a full  range of glosses to create different, looks and effects to your LipSense colour. 

Don't want an over Glossy Lip?
The gloss is designed to hydrate your lips, so shortly after application the colour, soaks in, so you won't feel the over glossy feel. 

Your Start Kit

Ordering your Starter kit is simple,

Select the colour(s) you would like
 The gloss you would like

and  an oops remover.  

Then click the 'Order Here' to  securely place your order. 

It will then be posted to you directly.

Once you have a starter kit, you do not need to re-purchase gloss and ooops, until they run out, as these work with ALL LipSense Colours.  

Starter kits, start at £55.