Must have Autumn LipSense Colours 2020

Whether it's going for walks in the autumn leaves all wrapped up with your big cosy scarf or sitting in a cafe with a hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream… you can have the perfect colour to match with the season. Here are my Top 5 favourite Autumn LipSense Colours, including-customer favourites too!

Lexie Bear-y LipSense has been my most popular colour in September/ October. This beautiful pink with a hint of shimmer matches beautifully with the autumn colours.

Fancy a warm brown with a hint of coral? Caramel Latte is the colour for you. It's not too much, but brings warmth to match those autumn rosey cheeks.

Praline Rose LipSense is a colour I go back to time and time again. With a brown-mauve undertone, it makes it a beautiful nude Lipstick colour for autumn.

Sheer Red LipSense was introduced into the UK at the start of October. This colour is SheerSense UK's own special colour.

This is a natural- cool toned red with a matte finish.

Honey Rose LipSense has a coppery-rose gold tone to it. This is one of our Frost Colours. The Amber colour frost, gives this colour a look of luxury perfect for those cooler autumn days.

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